Stonepave are suppliers of all types of granite paving. Whether you are looking for granite paving flags / slabs or granite paving setts, we offer a complete range in various types of granite textures, sizes and colours.

Our stocked granite paving flags and setts are suitable for both commercial (e.g. streetscape projects) and domestic applications, and are available for immediate delivery within 2-3 working days.

The Benefits of Granite Paving

Granite has a broad application in building and construction. This is because Granite stone is extremely durable making it ideal for use in paving and other construction projects. Granite paving has been used for centuries and is found today in both ancient architectural relics as well as in newly built town centres and pavements. As it is a natural stone, Granite paving blends so well with the natural environment and will enhance the beauty of any outdoors space, large or small.

Some other benefits of Granite Paving

  • Granite Paving is durable

  • Granite Paving is aesthtically pleasing

  • Granite Paving is natural

  • Granite Paving is low maintenance

  • Granite Paving is fire-proof