If you are looking for a durable, eye catching alternative to paving then our range of setts, cobbles and cubes are just for you.

With endless possibilities for design, this style of paving is an excellent choice for any civic paving project that requires heavy day to day foot traffic.

Paving Setts

Setts are most commonly produced with a sawn top and bottom face (although they can also be cropped/split on all sides). This method provides a practical, pedestrian-friendly surface finish, an accurate depth tolerance and a durable, rustic appearance.

A choice of top surface finishes is available based on the proposed area’s estimated traffic, from slip-resistant flame textures to rougher finishes for busier areas.


Bound with mortar or set in material such as sand, cobbles are a great choice for a sustainable surface for year-round, heavy traffic road usage. With a range of materials to choose from you can personalize the look and feel with ease.


Sourced from across Europe our range of cubes are available in a range of varied shapes and sizes. Our granite cubes, sourced from Portugal are cropped and split rather than sawn, resulting in wider tolerances (typically +/- 10mm per side) through the manufacturing process.

These variations in cube shape and size will allow the creation of different patterns and bonds of your layer during cube installation to deliver a traditional rustic appearance.